An enterprising and innovative province

The Province of Groningen has a population of around 585,000 inhabitants, dispersed over 12 municipalities. The Province of Groningen looks back upon a rich history, which stretches back to the early medieval period and - as recent archaeological excavations have shown - even beyond. Today we are a dynamic, enterprising and innovating province, with lots of space for nature and recreation.

A province bustling with economic life

Amidst the green expanses of the Province lies its economic hart: the city of Groningen, home to around 231,000 inhabitants. 
Here you find the city's famous state university, several colleges of higher education, the university medical centre, the headquarters of Gasunie and a large number of authorities and service providers.
Moreover, with its main port Eemshaven and the harbour area of Delfzijl the Province of Groningen has a thriving economic growth potential at its disposal. A further major pillar of the Province's economy is agriculture.

Energy: the central issue

Energy is one of the Province's key concerns. Say Groningen and you will immediately think of energy and natural gas.
But energy is more than natural gas alone.  At present we are working on the production of sustainable energies.

Groningen: Part of a larger whole

The Province closely cooperates with the provincial municipalities, its neighbouring provinces and foreign state authorities. The three Northern Netherlands provinces Groningen, Drenthe and Frysl├ón have joined forces in a cooperative partnership named Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN).  Furthermore, the Province takes part in international cooperative partnerships with Northern Germany and Sweden.