Contest: Excellent Digital Idea!

We have faced various economic and social challenges due to corona. Yet developments in the field of digitalization are moving fast. We have seen new and creative initiatives developing everywhere, particularly in the digital domain. The Province of Groningen wants to stimulate these developments by boosting the best digital ideas. That's why we started this contest where two teams can win € 50.000 each.

Everyone with a good digital idea can participate. Do you know how local entrepreneurs - in the hospitality, retail, healthcare or other sectors - can benefit from rapid developments in the field of digitalization? Do you have a plan to connect residents in the province of Groningen with each other through digital applications? Or do you see unique opportunities for education? In short, are you eager to get started with an innovative digital idea? Join us!


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Why participate?

•    You can win € 50,000 (excluding VAT) to make your plans possible.
•    Not just one, but two ideas can win (total budget of €100,000 excluding VAT available).
•    Participation is possible via an innovative, interactive, digital 3D-world called Momentum. This is a collaboration platform that uses 3D-techniques from the game industry. It brings teams, judges and spectators together in an inspiring virtual environment. Teams can talk to each other via voice and video chat, brainstorm on digital whiteboards, network by virtually flying around, upload documents and launch videos. In this 3D-world, you will meet other participants, talk to stakeholders and improve your plans even more. A great chance to expand your network! Watch this video for more information about Momentum.

Who can join?

Anyone with a good, digital plan can participate. A good plan...

  • ... utilizes opportunities for digitalization in an innovative way;
  • ... responds in a concrete and demonstrable manner to an issue facing residents and/or companies in the province of Groningen;
  • ... is feasible and scalable (interesting for several parties);
  • ... is anchored in the region (for example, through connections with local stakeholders).

We are looking for enterprising talent who want to move forward with their ideas in collaboration with others. This contest can help you achieve this. You can read more about the assessment of ideas in the jury criteria.

How does the asssessment of ideas work?

An independent jury will advise the Province of Groningen on the submitted ideas. They'll decide which ideas meet the jury criteria best. Teams can gain a total of 35 points. The two best ideas will receive a commission from the Province of Groningen. The availablebudget for this competition is € 100,000 (excluding VAT). The two best ideas will each receive € 50,000 (excluding VAT).

With possible users, other participants and cooperation within the team itself. The platform Momentum facilitates this collaboration through interactivetools. (5 points)

Impact in Groningen and connection with Groningen users and stakeholders. Participants do not necessarily have to be based in the province of Groningen, but a winning idea should have an impact in Groningen (10 points)

Financial feasibility of the business case, but also demonstrable involvement of stakeholders (relevant to the implementation of your plan). We also expect a feasible plan to be started within 6 weeks and to be completed within a year. (10 points)

Winning initiatives are new or innovative. The jury will look at the innovative character of your plan. The jury will also assess the extent to which the idea specifically and demonstrably addresses an issue facing residents and/or businesses in Groningen province. (5 points)

Can you get the jury enthusiastic and inspired with your idea? Are we really eager to make your plans happen? (5 points)


Important dates

Tuesday, March 15, 2022Registration and opening of the contest via Momentum 
Tuesday, April 5, 2022Closing registration via Momentum
Wednesday April 6, 2022: 16.00 PMOfficial opening: online event
Date to be determinedOnline co-creation-event for participants
Friday, May 13, 2022: 14.00 PMCompetition closed: deadline submission
Thursday, June 2, 2022: 15.30 PMAnnouncement and award ceremony with regional minister
IJzebrand Rijzebol: online event
Thursday, June 2, 2022: 17.00 PMDrinks for participants, jury and province on location

From 15 March to 5 April 2022 we'll organize check-in sessions! You can join us every Tuesday and Thursday between 16.30 - 17.00. Meet us during one of these sessions online via Momentum and we'll explain you how the 3D-world works. Enroll or use this link (create an account, no strings attached).


For questions about content, please contact Judith van Weringh, at For questions about Momentum, contact Floortje van Aken, at